About the Webinar

Date: Tuesday May 26, 2020
Time: 3:30pm Eastern Time (ET)
Duration: 30 minutes

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) defines hot weather as “any period of high temperature in which special precautions need to be taken to ensure proper handling, placing, finishing, and curing of concrete.” Recognizing these factors — and planning accordingly — will help you reduce the potential detrimental impact of hot weather on concrete performance. Join us for a short 30-minute webinar featuring Jack Holley, a 40-year veteran of concrete quality control, as he shares his unique experiences working with concrete in Africa and Saudi Arabia.

What Will You Learn?

    • Define hot weather concreting
    • Recognize potential problems during concrete production and transportation
    • Plan for potential issues your customers could face during placement and curing
    • Identify preventive measures to minimize the effects of hot weather
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About the Speakers

Jack Holley
Consultant, CarbonCure Technologies
Jack Holley has 45 years of experience in concrete technology, quality assurance, and new product development. He served as the VP of Quality Assurance at Lafarge North America for more than a decade. His specialties include mix optimization, performance concretes, and QA systems.
Diane Praught, CET
Director of Technical Services, CarbonCure Technologies
Diane Praught has been working with CarbonCure Technologies since its first concrete lab opened in September 2012. She is a Certified Civil Engineering Technologist and an award-winning safety officer with over ten years of experience in the cement, concrete, and green building industries.